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How to Begin Services

This page will walk you through the various aspects to keep in mind when starting therapy, options to book a consultation, and other important information to ensure a smooth transition into beginning your healing journey.

Choose Your Therapist

Currently at Bee Kind Counselling, we have two options for qualified therapists; Bre and Jenna. There will be various factors that will point you in the direction of the best therapist for you and your healing journey. 

The first step would be to read the blurb posted by each therapist under the "Team" page. While both therapists are qualified to support you in various concerns, no one therapist is the same approach as the other. That being said, at Bee Kind Counselling we have a overall agreement to serve all clients with respect, compassion, and kindness to ensure each client has a safe space throughout their healing journey. We are also more than happy to discuss which therapist may be the best suit for you and your specific goals.

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Booking a Consult

A consult is not always necessary to begin receiving services however, it is recommended to ensure you feel comfortable & confident moving forward. It also allows your therapist to prepare for the work you will do together. It is also nice ot speak with one another to ensure there are no miscommunications!

To book your consultation you have two options:

1. Booking on our website under the "Book Online" tab.

2. Sending us a email, calling or texting our phone number or submitting a contact form on the website.

The booking online feature is recommended as it allows us to avoid the back & forth through email. We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have in the consult.

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