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Kind & understanding therapists to help support you throughout your healing journey


Bre Traverse (She/Her)

Owner/Clinical Director






Bre Offers:

My name is Bre Traverse, I identify as a cis-gendered female with pronouns of she/her and of Qalipu Mi'kmaq First Nation descent. I am actively a part of the LGBTQ+ community and am an ally to many other communities. I am a Registered Social Worker with my Bachelor of Social Work and Masters of Social Work. My goal is to help you find healthy coping skills that you can implement in your everyday lives.​

As a Queer Therapist with lived experience of ADHD and Mental Health struggles, I hear you. It is extremely difficult to find your way throughout the mental health systems while coping with everyday situations. I strive to combine my lived experience and educational qualifications to ensure you feel supported in every aspect. I utilize a Client Centered approach, meaning every aspect of our therapeutic relationship is geared to YOU, who you are, what works best for you, your likes/dislikes and how you best function. This is to ensure you get the most out of what you are looking for in your healing journey.

Life can be difficult, we often become frustrated, isolated, burnt out, and overall drained from life experiences. My hope is to create a safe space for you to explore and expand your knowledge on YOU. Because YOU are the most important person in your life and you deserve to feel the way others feel about you. Let's get started today, I am only a few clicks away.

Bee Kind Counselling is looking to expand our team to further support people throughout their healing journey. If you are interested in joining our inclusive team, please reach out to inquire for opportunities.

Ili Rivera Walter

"Success as a therapist is not found in doing something for the client, but rather in being something for the client."

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