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Experience Change with Bee Kind Counselling

Your Local Psychotherapist - Here to Guide You

The client experience is crucial to the work done at Bee Kind Counselling. We welcome all feedback from existing clients, future clients and members of the community. Our hope is to consistently reflect on services offered and customer service to better ourselves in the future.


Your Feedback

Your feedback is important to us

Please feel free to follow the links provided to leave us a Google and/or Facebook review for members of the community to view. This review can be based off of your first impressions, customer service experience, client experience, etc. All feedback is welcomed.

Feedback I’ve Received

Bee Kind Counselling has been an amazing help to me figuring out my identity and how to cope with the stresses of life. Bre has been so kind and patient with me and has not made me feel uncomfortable sharing my story.


Bre at Bee Kind Counselling made the process of beginning therapy so smooth and easy. She was always so quick to respond to my questions and help guide me with setting up my account for video therapy.


This was my first time ever having counselling, I was super nervous and anxious to begin. Bre was so understanding and always knew how to best support me. I will be telling my friends and family about her for sure.


Give Us Your Feedback

What Did You Think?

Bee Kind Counselling strives to create a safe and inviting place for clients to explore their feelings and emotions. Receiving your feedback on your experience with Bee Kind Counselling allows us to modify and/or change any aspects to improve the client experience! Any and all feedback is accepted. Thank you!

What was your first impression of Bee Kind Counselling?
How would you rate your customer service experience?
Would you recommend Bee Kind Counselling to others?
Where did you hear about Bee Kind Counselling?

Thanks for your feedback!

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