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Hello & Welcome To The Bee Kind Blog! The Place We Share All Things Mental Health!

The Bee Kind Blog, Mental Health Blog

The Who, What & Why of The Bee Kind Blog...

Hello my lovely people! I am so glad you are here for the first Bee Kind Blog post! My hope throughout this blog is to provide a safe, inclusive & welcoming place for all to learn more about themselves, join a community of like-minded, kind individuals along with promotion of ‘Bee-ing Kind’ to ourselves and others, regardless of our differences. I will be sharing my own experiences with mental health & identity, along with resources from a therapist to support you along you’re journey. The Bee Kind Blog is here as a resource for you to know you are not alone, know where to go for help and become more self-aware throughout the process!

Let Me Start By Introducing Myself..

My name is Bre Traverse, I am a Neurodivergent, cis-gendered female with pronouns of (She/Her), am part of the LGBTQ+ community & am of Mi’kmaq First Nations descent! I grew up in a small-ish city within Ontario, Canada and knew from a young age I wanted to become a therapist. In my early high-school years, I struggled with overwhelming anxiety/panic attacks & was referred by my family doctor to see a wonderful therapist to help develop further coping skills. Little did I know, this would be such a pivotal moment throughout my journey. My therapist not only supported me in developing useful coping skills to manage my anxiety. She also fostered the space for me to develop an understanding of myself by allowing me to further learn about my quirks, strengths, weaknesses, interests & passions! I am thankful each & every day for the experience I had with this therapist as it allowed me to focus in & utilize my strength and determination. Now here I am… a therapist, supporting others in the way she supported me. In the same shoes of a person I would continue to thank over 10 years later.

As I began to recognize my strengths/weaknesses & learned to love myself for all things in between. I decided to pursue my passion of becoming a Therapist by studying my BSW & MSW at Wilfrid Laurier University. What they don’t tell you about pursing a degree in the social work field is the amount of knowledge you will learn about yourself throughout the process. It was this journey that allowed me the space to develop my unique passions within the Social Work field, ‘come out’ to friends & family about my sexuality, receive an affirming diagnosis of ADHD & begin finding my place within the work I do professionally.

That being said; I am not only a Therapist (although this surrounds a lot of what I do), I am also a creative at heart, I love learning new things & challenging myself to step outside of my comfort zone. I have a Frenchie named Oakley, & love spending time with my loved ones.

What is This Blog All About?

The Bee Kind Blog will be focusing on promoting awareness of mental health & well-being. There will be various topics covered in this blog that will support you in further developing an understanding of yourself, adding to your toolbox of coping skills and foster conversation surrounding the important topics of reducing mental health stigma and spreading kindness to all, regardless of differences.

Community involvement is a crucial aspect to one’s well-being as it provides comfort in knowing you are not alone, knowing you will be supported no matter what & feeling as though you belong. The Bee Kind Blog is all about fostering the idea of community by reaching one person at a time to develop further conversation with our peers.

Why Start The Bee Kind Blog?

As the Founder Bee Kind Counselling, my mission is to create a safe, inclusive & welcoming environment for all to feel supported, seen and validated as they are. As a member of the LGBTQ+ community & being Neurodivergent I have experienced first-hand the feeling of being different & not welcome in various spaces. I would like all individuals no matter their identity to feel they have space to be themselves within Bee Kind Counselling. The purpose of creating this blog is to spread awareness of the notion to ‘Bee Kind’ to yourself along with others. Ways we can support ourselves & others throughout various struggles in life; whether it be mental health, identity, situational, or just feeling out of place. I understand the various barriers between receiving services for people and want to create a safe, inclusive, anonymous place for you to build on your own self-awareness, learn new coping skills, determine your strengths & weaknesses, & most importantly, know that you are not alone.

Please remember to Bee Kind to yourself!

Thank you for being here!


If you are in need of 1:1 support, head on over to the 'Book Online' tab to schedule a Free Consultation with Bre! We are here to support you along your healing journey.

Interested in spreading Kindness? Wanting to utilize self-directed resources for your well-being? Head on over to The Hive Shop to see what we have in store for you!

Needing immediate support? Check out our Mental Health Resources for a list of services available to you! Otherwise, please call 9-1-1 or go to your local emergency centre.

You are not alone.


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